• Image of Body Dysmorphia EP

He was a monster in his head and that's what he saw in the mirror. She was his ego, his mind, his words. She groomed his fur and washed out his eyes with soap that stung. He didn't like it. He didn't like her. She told him he liked her. She told him that a lot.

We wrote this over a good few months. We have lots of songs but these are a poignant couple that sound nice to us and mean something beyond being okay. We've had horrible times and lovely times. The struggle goes on, this is a documentation of it so far I guess. Just subconscious shit that came out when we started playing music. Most of the words written at 4am beyond sleeping but realising it meant a whole lot more than you could comprehend in your slumberous scrawl.
released 08 July 2015

Ash Mammal

Cass, George, Anya, Jeeves

Made with Adam at Deadline Studios

Photo cred: Dan Shaw, blog: http://danjshaw.tumblr.com

Bandcamp link: http://ashmammal.bandcamp.com/album/body-dysmorphia